Brian Donovon - new performance reel - June 2018

Brian Donovon as the father of a son who is coming out as being gay; The Nan Project: "LGBT - 13 Reasons Why We Need To Talk About Suicides".

Brian Donovon as "Bill" - (Lead) in "DENIABLE PLAUSIBILITY" - Won award as "Best Acting" - runner up in the 2018 Providence 48 Hour Film Challenge - Class A.

Brian Donovon as Cult Leader "Divolo" in "Brute Sanity" - Feb. 2016

Brian Donovon as last hold-out juror in "12 Angry Men" - July 2016 (Created under legal name - Brian Dongelewic).

Brian Donovon as Captain Quint in "Jaws" - August 2017

Written and performed by Brian Donovon. - Tough Detective - August 2017

Written and performed by Brian Donovon - Bad Teacher - August 2017

Brian Donovon - performing a monologue from GlenGarry GlenRoss - August 2017

Brian Donovon as Randy in Saving Bill Murray (trailer) - August 2016

Brian Donovon as 1920's police lieutenant in Cat and Mouse - performed by Manny X - June 2016

Brian Donovon (legal name - Brian Dongelewic) is interviewed by host Harrison Young on Topic Time (New TV) - May 2017

Brian Donovon delivering the monologue from "The Cheese Robber", within the play "Goodbye Charles", written by Gabriel Davis.

Brian Donovon as a 1630's judge, residing over the trial of a suspected witch " Inflicted - performed by One-Eyed Doll - February 2015

Brian Donovon in my very first film. I played the featured ice skater and delivered my first screen line - The Time Machine - February 2001