Donna McKenna, CSA

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Feb 28

Replying to @b_donovon


Thank you Brian it was so great meeting/working with you thank u for getting emotional you made me cry too!


Adam Vera - Determined Production/Director/Producer

Thank you Brian Donovon for working on set with me last night. You were awesome as a soldier.


Charles Kinnane - Kinnane Films - Director

Brian! Thank you again for today. Thanks for all the energy you brought. What an amazing day, I had completely forgot you were working on 3 hours sleep, nobody would have known


Thank you for bringing your incredible gifts and talents to this project. We are so blessed to have you!


Please note that I played the role identified below while using my legal name - Brian Dongelewic, not my stage name - Brian Donovon.

Olga Turka - Jelly Jam Productions


"Best and Sweetest ever, Brian Dongelewic!!!

Your acting was incredible, had even all of the crew riled up, yelling Kill the Witch!! Such fun!

To: Brian Donovon

From: Dan Perez / Perez de la Garza Media Productions


Thanks Brian - it was such a great experience meeting and working with you. Really enjoyed your enthusiasm, craftsmanship, and overall approach to the project. There was a lot riding on your shoulders and you really knocked it out of the park!

Keep me in the loop on your future projects!




Jake Cavanaugh

Director - The Nan Project

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Hi Brian.

We finally finished all the vignettes and released the video last week. The one you starred in is definitely one of the most popular. Thank you so much for taking part!